Sunshine Report – President’s Day Weekend

Monday of President’s Weekend. There is no school today and it’s a short school week.

Chicagoland had snow on Saturday afternoon and it warmed up enough Sunday to melt most of the snow on driveways and walkways. The forecast for Monday is rain.

Last Wednesday, we collected data for the 11th week – and we had some significant changes in sunshine from the previous week. We took time in class to discuss the highs and lows of our weekly data collection.

  • Warmest temperature recorded: 35°C
  • Coolest temperature recorded: – 22°C
  • Temperature range: 57°C – WOW
  • Greatest amount of sunshine: 14:27
  • Least amount of sunshine: 7:17
  • Greatest amount of change in sunshine: +1:07
  • Least amount of change in sunshine: +0.02

An interesting statistic this week is the sunshine gap – the difference between the most sunshine and the least sunshine changed 8:43 for the week of February 7 to 7:10 for the past week. That is a change of 1:33!The Chicago Tribune’s weather page had an interesting graphic on Sunday, February 18. Wonder what this might mean?

graphic courtesy of the Chicago Tribune 2/18/18

We’ll be collecting sunshine data this Wednesday and many Wednesday’s to come. I wonder what the sunshine gap will be this week? And why is it happening?

It’s always good to be curious and wonder.