Weather Wednesday on Saturday

It’s been three weeks and four days since the last post, but The Sunshine Report is still growing and developing.

Mr. Watkins’s classes have continued to collect and we should have 8 separate days of sunshine and weather data recorded in our ISNs (Interactive Science Notebooks).

Mr. Watkins gave feedback on our data collection on Wednesday. Here are some points he has learned…..

  • We are scientists and the language of the science community is numbers
  • Also, since we are in the science community, we need to collect our data using the International System of Units (SI)
  • Time is measured in hours and minutes  HH:MM
  • 24 hour time is used to denote the difference between PM and AM
    • 6:41 AM is 06:41 and 6:41 PM is 18:41
  • Temperature is measured in Celsius (C)
  • Pressure for weather is measured in millibars (mb)

Here is the high and low, most and least daylight for the week

  • Most sunshine – 15H 42M
  • Least sunshine – 3H 34M
  • Greatest gain of sunshine – 1H 31M
  • Greatest temperature – 31 C
  • Lowest temperature – -26C
  • Temperature range – 57 C

I wonder where these places are…..

Our next Weather Wednesday week is the last day in January and we should see all sorts of changes. Until Wednesday, be curious and wonder.

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